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Innovative Weaving – Exploring Creativity

book-coverThe WSSA Creativity Study Group book is now on Amazon!

For most of the 2015-2016 Guild year a WSSA study group met at Mickey Stam’s house once a month. During each gathering, we looked at a different non-fiber art form and explored ways to draw inspiration from it. We had tons of fun learning about everything from film to fashion to installation art, but also brainstormed and shared a lot of wonderful ideas.

The study guide developed from the study group, Innovative Weaving, is now available on This guide provides inspirations for your weaving and other fiber arts, as well as numerous photos of the beautiful work accomplished by  guild members.

Chock full of  inspiration you need for your next project and beyond.  This book explores ten different art forms for inspiration including painting, architecture, sculpture, music, and performance art.  It includes brainstorming exercises to generate innovative ideas for your weaving and practical advice to help you embrace risk, add artistic concepts, work in a series, and write your artist statement. Each chapter provides material for a twelve-month course of study.

The first chapter suggests methods for organizing a study group that is able to produce the greatest number of innovative ideas. On the other hand, the book is just as helpful for any weaver or other fiber artist working independently.

More info on the Innovative Weaving website. All royalties go to WSSA’s space fund to help us eventually get our own guild space.  $24.75 and  available at Amazon.


September Meetings and a New Study Group

DSC03908Program Night — Back to Guild Night
September  8, 2016
6:30 pm to 8:45pm
Northwest Recreation Center

September marks the beginning of our guild year and a fresh slate for our learning together. Like a back to school event, we’ll take some time to go over some of the basics of WSSA plans and policies for the 2016-17 year, including a refresher on our website and social media, going over frequently asked questions, and a special presentation by Mickey Stam with photos from the 2016 Convergence and from fashion exhibits in New York. If you are a new member who has never yet attended a WSSA meeting or a long-time friend who may have fallen out of touch, this is a great opportunity to find out what you may have been missing and also get your questions answered. Bring friends who may be interested in joining so they can hear all about our exciting plans!

Hands on Night — bring a project to work on, or join the Weaving 101 study group
September 22, 2016
7 – 9 PM
Austin Recreation Center

This is the night of the month where we come together to visit while working on our personal spinning, weaving and other fiber projects. Hands-on-Night is the perfect time to get help and advice from other members of the guild.  The library is also available that night.

We’re starting something new on Hands-on nights, the Weaving 101 study group.  You can still bring your spinning or other projects, this will be alongside our normal Hands-on activities.  Our first meeting will be September 22nd and we’ll be mostly planning what we want to cover. Continue reading

Local Materials Study Group Forming

We will be researching the impact and viability of creating handmade wardrobes and household items from locally sourced fibers, dye, plants and labor.  As part of the journey we will create a wardrobe and a selection of home fashions from the locally sourced materials. To reach our goal we will need weavers, spinners, felters and dyers! 

WSSA study groups usually last about 12 months.  Our regular meetings will be on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 1:30-3:30. 

February 11, 2016 Program Night — Creativity Study Group

The Creativity Study Group has finished their twelve months of learning how many different art forms, such as painting, architecture, and music, can feed into weaving and other fiber arts design.  Come join them at the Thursday, February 11 Program Meeting as they share their work and their new-found inspirations.

Our program nights run from 6:30-8:45 at NorthWest Recreation Center.

Program Night July 9, 2015

Doubleweave Study Group Presentation

SquaresYou’d have to be nuts to miss the July 9th meeting at NorthWest Recreation Center.

Its an event that won’t happen again for a very long time. The asylum administrators have acquiesced and are opening the gates to visitors. Yes, the inmates of the double weave study group have spent this past year insanely pressing forward in a maddening effort to understand the intricacies of this weave structure. And now you will have the opportunity to mingle with them! (sharp objects and loud noises prohibited). For some, the therapy sessions have produced  surprising results which they invite you to see and discuss with them.

Please do come as they are excited to show you amazing examples of double weave. AND you’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about this weave structure so you too can become a crazy person.  Whoo! Hoo! Whee!

Be aware you’re responsible for their emotional health on Thursday night. You wouldn’t want them to break down if you’re not there to mingle with them, now would you?

The meeting starts at 6:30 with social time, our programs usually start around 7 and we pack up to leave around 8:45.

Picture: Eileen Thompson’s  Silk Squared scarf,  1st place for Wearable Accessories, Contemporary Handweaver’s of Texas 2015 conference

Webb Notebooks Study Group: James L. A. Webb’s Weaving Records and Samples, 1977 – 2008

Study Group Leader,  Virginia Smith

What textile arts were you delving into in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and into the 2000s?  Take a journey with us through those years with Professor Webb.  WSSA received his weaving records and samples covering 1977 through 2008 as a gift of his estate.  Marie Hauff sorted them, then Ming Chu, Libby Smith, and Virginia Smith organized them chronologically into ten large binders which have been entered into WSSA’s online library database, ready for check-out by study group members.

Continue reading

Thursday, March 21, 2013 Creative Materials Study Group

The You Wove With What? study group will meet this Thursday at Eileen’s house. Eileen will be presenting about weaving and spinning dog hair!  WOOF!