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West Austin Studio Tour 2015

West Austin Studio Tour is a ton of fun. We take over a member’s house and turn it into a pop-up gallery and working studio with demos and vendors.

Sign up to help HERE!

WEST tour  May 9-10 and May 16-17
Times:  11-6

Here is the description from the WEST website:
“WEST is a free, self-guided tour that champions the abundance of talent within Austin’s large and wildly diverse creative community. The public is invited to discover new artistic talent, see working studios, learn about artists’ tools, techniques, and inspirations, and support the arts community by building their collections and supporting local artisans.”


October 9, 2014 Program Night– Spin to Weave, Complex Weavers Seminar

Our October meeting at NorthWest Recreation Center will feature Sara Lamb’s DVD Spin to Weave and a presentation by WSSA member Meg Wilson about the summer’s Complex Weavers Seminars


Here is the description of Spin to Weave from spin2weaveInterweave’s website:

With expertise and enthusiasm, Sara shows the joy and satisfaction of weaving with handspun yarns.

For 20,000 years, weavers have made cloth with handspun, and you can, too. It’s the ultimate in textile artistry: creating cloth from fiber to yarn to the finished product. When you spin yarn for weaving, you have complete control over the color, texture, and performance of your fabric. Continue reading

Happy Summer!

Dukagång TolvmansgårdenWe will have project night as usual at the ARC on July 24th, but we take August off, returning with a fresh new set of programs in the fall.

Several of us are heading to Convergence  July 13-21 and will  bring back stories of weaving adventures, exhibits seen and techniques learned.

Have a great summer and happy weaving!!



Dukagång from Tolvmansgården in Rimbo, Sweden

July 10, 2014 Program Night– Spinning Gossamer Threads

Spinning Gossamer ThreadsJoin us for our last meeting of the Guild year.. we will watch a video about spinning fine cashmere.  Yum.  Below is the description from the Interweave website.  We will also elect the 2014-2015 board members.

PieceWork magazine is proud to present a workshop that brings the traditions of Orenburg into your home.

The hand knitted shawls of Orenburg, located in the steppes of the southern Ural Mountains, set a world standard for exquisite handspun yarns and delicate lace patterning. The beauty and durability of these heirloom creations begin with the yarn: cashmere from the densely-coated goats of the region, an unusual way of preparing the fleece on a Central Asian-style comb, and skillful spindle spinning.

Galina Khmeleva has made a life work of learning the traditional skills of Orenburg spinners and knitters, and promoting their artistry throughout the world. In this DVD, you will learn first-hand:

  • The properties of Orenburg cashmere and how they influence the knitting
  • How to comb on a tool unique to the region
  • How to separate the finest fibers from those more suitable for heavier knitting
  • How to spin on the slender, shapely, whorl-free Orenburg spindle
  • How to ply and finish your yarn

You’ll also hear wonderful stories from a woman who has spent her adult life absorbing the traditions that bring this time-honored folk craft to life.

February Guild Meetings

heartsThis is turning out to be a busy and fun month.

Our programs are at the usual times and places but the content is reversed.

Thursday February 13  We will meet at the Northwest Rec Center for Project Night  and  have three stations of woven and braided hearts to make for valentines day. Bring a scissors and put your wildest craftsy hat on for creative inspiration.

Thursday February 27 We will meet at the Austin Rec Center for a program on “Spinning for Color” with Susan Fricks from Yarnorama in Paige, Texas.

The following day, Friday, February 28th, Susan will have a workshop on this same theme at her shop in Paige. We can load up a couple of cars and make the trip together. Registration for that workshop can be found HERE

Workshops this spring

We have three workshops to look forward to this spring, registration for all can be found HERE

EasterYarnFebruary 28 Spinning for Color with Susan Fricks
This workshop will he held at Yarnorama in Paige, TX.  Explore various ways to spin hand-dyed tops to create different color effects, along with prep and plying techniques designed to maintain the beautiful colors found in those tops and avoid the muddiness that can occur.


10x10 tile for collaboration installationApril 2, 9 Weaving Designs & Images into Handwoven Cloth with Sandra Doak
Weaving these hand manipulated techniques into the weft is easy and suitable for both beginning and experienced weavers. Best of all, you can use these techniques with any type of loom, plain weave or patterns.


LaverneMay 17, 18 Complementary Warp Pick-up with Laverne Waddington
We’re delighted to welcome Laverne back for her 3rd year here. This time we will look further into complementary-warp pick-up weaving. Pebble weave is just one structure that fits into this category. Complementary-warp weaving basically means that you are producing a band with two good faces as you do with pebble weave.

Thursday November 14, 2013 Program Night

VävAn Overview of Scandinavian Textiles

Rosengång!  Munkabälte! Opphämta! Daldräll!  Rya!
Inga Marie Carmel will present an overview of textiles from Sweden, Norway and Denmark– both old and new– including pictures from the exhibit in 2012 at the Nordic Museum in Stockholm, celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the The National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies.