Thursday September 12, 2013 Program Night

What I did on my summer vacation:  Travel to Japan and Italy


We’re kicking off the Guild year with the travel experiences of three of our members last summer:  to Japan for Saori weaving and to Italy  for a fashion tour. 

Mickey Stam will provide an overview of her tour of Italian fashion design in Verona, Florence, and Venice this summer.  Highlights are the 15th century weaving studio still in operation and the Pitti Filati knitwear show, with its color trend projections and fashion forward designs


Sidne Tieman and Susan Bussard  went to learn more about Saori weaving and tour Japan. they visited Saori no mori, the birthplace of Saori weaving and home of Misao Jo the founder of the philosophy.  Her family continues the philosophy and works to spread the philosophy throughout Japan and the world.  Susan did a clothes making class she’ll talk about, and both did a dying class, and of course wove in the studio.  Other stops included visits to studios in Osaka, Kyoto, Yufuin, and Heimegi, and a tour of  the Kurume Kasuri Preservation Society’s museum and shop in Kurume, home of Kurume Kasai a national treasure ikat method founded by Ms. Den Inoue (1788~1869).

We are looking forward to hearing all about their experiences and seeing their photos and examples at the September meeting.

Looking forward

October’s meeting will be all hands on as we examine everyone’s tools for weaving, spinning and whatever other handwork you do.  I am sure you have collected some interesting pieces, or maybe inherited tools that work as well now as they did generations ago.  I have hard time resisting my urge to buy old tools.  I am sure everyone will have something to contribute to “tool time”.  Old books on our craft are welcome too, along with sharing those precious memories.

If you have ideas for programs on any aspect of weaving, spinning, dyeing, felting and the list goes on, let me know.  We welcome your suggestions.