Books and Periodicals

WSSA Library

WSSA members have access to lots of information! Most of our print materials, including full runs of Handwoven, Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, Spin-off, Väv and Twist are lodged in the library cabinets at our Austin Recreational Center meeting room.

Don’t think you’ll have time to look through articles of books during meetings? Not to worry! Browse our online catalog, available with a simple click, at your own convenience!

Our  catalog will allows you to search for specific things, such as a technique (perhaps doubleweave), or an author (try Mary Meigs Atwater) without having to log in. As a member, log in and you’ll be able to reserve any of the WSSA’s assets, from books to equipment. You’ll be able to track what’s in, see what’s new & check on due dates of things you’ve checked out. You’ll even be able to write reviews of your own! Your user name will come with your library card, your password’s the main phone number you give us on your WSSA membership application.

If you would like to review any of our books, help with tagging, or help photograph covers, let our Assets Manager know.

The WSSA Library at the ARC will be open for browsing on the 4th Thursday Project nights. If you need something but can’t get there, shoot us an email before the 4th Thursday & we’ll bring it to you on our 2nd Thursday program nights.

Further questions? Email our Assets Manager

Go to the WSSA Library Catalog on Biblionix.

Go to the WSSA Catalog on Library Thing