www.share January 24-26, 2014

Lemons into Lemonade

Warping Clinic
Friday, Jan. 24th, from 10 – 4

Round Robin weaving workshop
Sat., Jan. 25th, from 10 – 4
Sunday Jan. 26th from 1 – 5

Laura’s Library
9411 Bee Cave Rd, Austin, TX 78733

We are asking for a suggested donation of $20 cash for the use of the Laura’s Library space, which is a beautiful setting for us to weave and share in.

This is one for the making lemons into lemonade category. Our workshop leader for Jan 23-26 has had to cancel so we are taking matters into own hands.

We bring you Weaving Winter Workshop. Share.. or www.share for short.  This will be a a round robin workshop.  Pick a weave pattern, structure, or fiber  that you want to share with everyone and warp your loom  8-10 inches  wide  and about 3  yards long (depending of course on what works with your pattern, fiber, etc.) of whatever warp you choose.   You will take home  about 4-6 samples that you have woven.  That amounts to an hour to a  couple of hours of weaving on each loom, although if we have a lot of people you will probably not weave on EVERY loom.  It will be an outstanding opportunity to learn about different weave structures, and to weave on many different looms.

If you are planning to come we would like to know what pattern you are planning to dress your loom with. Some suggestions are: Crackle (!), Summer and Winter, Overshot, various Lace weaves, M’s & O’s, Rep weave, Monk’s Belt, Rosepath and Color and Weave effects.  You can find an online sign up sheet HERE.  Please email us at wssaustin.org@gmail.com if you want help deciding what to do or if you have any questions.