Workshops this spring

We have three workshops to look forward to this spring, registration for all can be found HERE

EasterYarnFebruary 28 Spinning for Color with Susan Fricks
This workshop will he held at Yarnorama in Paige, TX.  Explore various ways to spin hand-dyed tops to create different color effects, along with prep and plying techniques designed to maintain the beautiful colors found in those tops and avoid the muddiness that can occur.


10x10 tile for collaboration installationApril 2, 9 Weaving Designs & Images into Handwoven Cloth with Sandra Doak
Weaving these hand manipulated techniques into the weft is easy and suitable for both beginning and experienced weavers. Best of all, you can use these techniques with any type of loom, plain weave or patterns.


LaverneMay 17, 18 Complementary Warp Pick-up with Laverne Waddington
We’re delighted to welcome Laverne back for her 3rd year here. This time we will look further into complementary-warp pick-up weaving. Pebble weave is just one structure that fits into this category. Complementary-warp weaving basically means that you are producing a band with two good faces as you do with pebble weave.