Where’s the Pop? Study Group, 2012

Lead by Mickey Stam

The Where’s the Pop? Study Group provides an opportunity for participants to explore the elements that make fiber art stand out whether on the runway, in a gallery, or in the home.  Depending upon the number of participants, each person will lead at least one meeting, exploring various aspects of design, such as contrast, texture, color, and how measured use can bring a piece from ho-hum to outstanding.  We will also look at the times pop leads to noise and confusion.

The group will use the James L.A. Webb sample books as a jumping off point for some of the analysis.  In addition, his yarns will be available for members’ study group projects.

Handouts and other materials from the study group can be found HERE.

Monthly Meeting Dates and Time: third Thursday of each month in 2012
Location: Mickey’s house in North Central Austin

Proposed Schedule
January  Organizational meeting
February  Overview of Design Elements–Mickey
March  Color
April  Value
May  Size
June  Texture
July  Shape
September  Convergence July 15-21 Review
October  National Spinning and Weaving Week events review
November  Individual Projects Wrap up
December Study Group Review

This group will be closed to new membership after the second meeting, since it has a progressive structure.

Leading a meeting provides the opportunity for you to research an area of design where you might feel the weakest.  By developing an informal lesson, handout, and fun exercises, you will learn the most about a topic. If you are interested in the study group, but are not truly up for leading, exceptions can be made.