Webb Notebooks Study Group: James L. A. Webb’s Weaving Records and Samples, 1977 – 2008

Study Group Leader,  Virginia Smith

What textile arts were you delving into in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and into the 2000s?  Take a journey with us through those years with Professor Webb.  WSSA received his weaving records and samples covering 1977 through 2008 as a gift of his estate.  Marie Hauff sorted them, then Ming Chu, Libby Smith, and Virginia Smith organized them chronologically into ten large binders which have been entered into WSSA’s online library database, ready for check-out by study group members.

Each study group member is invited to take one or more notebooks to delve into to discover the contents; a brief list of the projects and their purpose, weave structures, and yarns, along with a description of the weaving samples and any other interesting finds.  A copy of each list will be entered into their respective notebooks for future users.

Distribution of Notebooks
Starting at the annual picnic, June 13, 2013, notebooks will be distributed to interested study group members.  After that, please contact Virginia Smith to arrange a time to pick up a notebook.

Meeting Times and Locations
The first meeting will be at 6 pm the evening of the July 2013 WSSA Program meeting, immediately prior to the meeting, at the Northwest Recreational Center, unless otherwise decided by study group members.  A snack will be provided for this first meeting.  Also, the second meeting will be similarly immediately prior to WSSA’s Project Night meeting at the Austin Recreational Center, at 6 pm.  So, hopefully study group members can participate in one or the other or both.

Meeting 1:  6 pm, Northwest Recreational Center, July 11, 2013

Meeting 2:  6 pm, Austin Recreational Center, July 25, 2013

Directions and locations are HERE

First Assignment
For each notebook you have, please bring a list of Webb’s projects contained in that notebook as discussed in the description above, and secondly, if you are willing, please share a recollection of your own for the time period of each notebook your are studying.