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Thursday, March 21, 2013 Creative Materials Study Group

The You Wove With What? study group will meet this Thursday at Eileen’s house. Eileen will be presenting about weaving and spinning dog hair!  WOOF!

Creative Materials Study Group, 2013

You Wove


Spun with WHAT?

Feathers? VCR tape? Paper? Wool Rovings? Grasses?

Led by Pam James

VCR tape clutch

VCR tape clutch by Pam James

Each month a different group member will share their results from using an experimental ‘yarn’. Others will be encouraged to try their hand with the same ‘yarn’ perhaps with totally different results.

Suggested format:

Unrelated show and tell (any weaving, knitting, spinning related item)
Related sow and tell (any weaving, knitting, spinning related item of unusual materials)
Presentation by the scheduled weaver of the weaving ‘Material of the Month’

Third Thursday of the month 1:30 PM, starting January 17, 2013

To reserve your space, for location info and question email wssaustin.org@gmail.com

Piano Keys

Piano Keys table runner by Pam James


Straw Monk’s Belt by Inga Marie Carmel


Woven metal bracelet by Inga Marie Carmel