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November 8, 2012 Program Night

Combing Fibers

Led by C.J. Creamer

C.J. will present excepts from  video by Robin Russo, on Combing Fibers.  If anyone has a set of combs or hackles to help with the demo, please bring them.  We will be at North West Rec Center at 7:00.

Here are some details from the video’s website 

Wool combing is a little alarming to the novice – swinging heavy implements with long, needle-sharp teeth can be hazardous. Yet this method of preparation produces the most wonderfully organized, fluffy, silky fiber imaginable. In this workshop, Robin Russo covers the basics and much, much more.

You’ll see a wide range of tools in action, from simple pet combs to hand-held Viking combs, to Russian paddle combs, to classic English combs.

You’ll learn that combing is perfect for cleaning out guard hairs and debris, for blending fibers of similar length, and for true worsted spinning.

You’ll see how different combs are appropriate for different fibers, and how to choose the kind that’s best for you.

You’ll learn important guidelines for safety and for equipment care and maintenance.

And you’ll hear intriguing stories of wool combing in history, from martyred saints to craftsmen’s guilds.

Robin Russo lives in Bradford, Vermont, where she teaches spinning, dyeing, working with exotic fibers, and felting. She has taught at numerous gatherings of spinners, weavers, knitters and historical societies since 1989. She has been a fiber enthusiast for more than forty years and takes every opportunity to explore its potential.


Celebrate National Spinning & Weaving Week

October 1-7, 2012

The WSSA Demo committee is sponsoring two events:

October 2nd, 1:30-3:30 pm, spin-in (or any craft, really!) at Central Market North, outside on the deck.

October 4th, 4-8 pm, 1st Thursday at Hill Country Weavers.
Suzanne and the HCW staff have graciously allowed us to set up on the lawn or inside, weather and space permitting. Drop by and say hi! We will have a couple of looms and wheels for you to use, so you don’t have to lug yours. Please carpool and park in the lot to leave HCW customer parking spots free.

More info about National Spinning and Weaving Week

Please contact demos@wssaustin.org with any questions or suggestions.


October 11, 2012 Program Night

Braids 2012

presented by Eileen Thompson

As our Program Nights return to the 2nd Thursday of the month, Eileen Thompson will present a talk and slide show about her experience at Braids 2012 which included a visit to the Silk Museum in Macclesfield and an afternoon looking at samples from the University’s collection of early block printed fabrics – some dating back to 1560. She will have the samples she made in the classes she took – snagging, a tablet weaving technique for making braid and an inkle woven beaded necklace. If there is interest then she will show us either of these techniques as a project for the 4th Thursday.

image from Loopbraider.com

September 6, 2012 Program Night

What’s Your Idea of a Perfect Guild?  & Convergence Fashion Show  Double Header

Summer is almost over, the kids are getting ready for school, and it’s time for all of us to gather for our first meeting of the fall season. Your board is excited to get started and urges you to attend this September meeting.  We want to serve you as best we can and want your thoughts on what a guild could do to most help you develop as a weaver and spinner, while also taking advantage of the collaboration and affiliation of a group, including our outreach to the community.  On the other hand, if you are most interested in the fellowship, we want to hear that too.  Come with your thoughts (or not) but please come to the meeting.

But that’s not all, some of our members had the opportunity to attend HGA Convergence last month.  We will see photos of the garments that were in the Fashion Show AND hear the comments from the judges on some of the top entries.  What a great intro to Fashion Fusion!

And speaking of Fashion Fusion (Sept. 29) we have a vendor table reserved.  We areasking for donations.  It would be best if the items are apparel or accessories.  This is not a consignment so all profits will go directly to your Guild.  Please contact Meg Wilson if you have something to donate.  Keep selling tickets!  They are still available for the runway show and luncheon.  Contact Old Oaks Ranch (512-847-8784) for reservations.

Please Note:

Our September Guild Meeting will be on first Thursday, September 6, at 7:00 pm, Northwest Recreation Center just like it has been for the last year.  Please be aware that this will be our last meeting on the first Thursday of month.  Thanks to the efforts of our previous board, we will be returning to the second Thursday of the month starting in October.  The venue has not changed, it will continue to be Northwest Recreation Center.

Project Night, June 28, 2012

Luceting for CHT, Eileen Thompson

WSSA has been asked to provide the samples for the December CHT newsletter. As there seemed to be a good deal of interest in luceting in our group, we decided to make lucet cord in holiday colors for our samples. On the 4th Thursday in June we will have a work night making cord. Bring your lucet and we will have yarn. If you didn’t make it to last month’s class – not to worry – it only takes about 5 minutes to learn how to use a lucet!

7-9 PM  At the Austin Recreation Center


July 2012 Program and Project nights– Off-loom Weaving with Marie Hauff

Program Night – July 5 at NorthWest Recreation Center

Off-loom weaving … what does that mean? How do you define it? And what can you do with it? Hmm, something to think about. I have one floor loom but many weaving tools of various types. And I’ll bet you do, too. When we get together, let’s talk about looms that can be used for off-loom weaving. We’ll explore how creative we can be with these extra tools in our tool bag. Please bring your own off-loom creations for everyone to enjoy and examine. We will all learn something new and expand our right-brain abilities.

Project Night – July 26 at Austin Recreation Center

The discussion on July 5 will be narrowed down to working with one or two of the off-loom techniques we explored. I will let you know what supplies you should bring for this fun night to express our creativity.

June 7, 2012 Spring Picnic

Hope you are thinking about what you might bring to the WSSA picnic! The long-term weather forecast is pretty good — still cool evenings and 88-90 daytime temps!

The patio will be beaconing and the new tile bench should be done! Bring show and tell (lucet braiding, Collingwood workshop, etc), a potluck goodie, a good appetite and be prepared for a fun evening.

Meg is hosting and proposes the following last name order:
A-C — Appetizers/hors d’oeuvres
D-G — Desert
H-M — Main dish
N-W — side dish/salad

Not written in stone, in case you have a specialty that you just have to bring. 😉 But, should give us a good cross-section of goodies! Meg has an amazing crop of tomatoes from massive 6-foot tall tomato plants — producing softball sized cherokee purples and there should be just enough left for a great dish of homegrown tomatoes!

7:00pm at Meg’s house, see the newsletter for address.  If you have some prep to do, you are welcome to show up at 6:30. Meg has lots of serving utensils, so you don’t need to bring yours! Just your potluck dish!

image- Watermelon Picnic by Jo Casto