SHARE Workshop- January 17-18, 2015

Saturday January 17th, 10am to 4pm,  Sunday 18th, 1pm to 6:00pm

Westbank Public Library
1309 Westbank Dr
Austin, TX 78746

We are doing a repeat performance of the very popular Weaving Winter Workshop or www.SHARE workshop.  Participants in the workshop are asked to bring a loom warped and ready to weave in a pattern of your choice.  Not to worry if you can’t come with a prepared loom, we will also have a few extra looms warped and ready to weave.

This is a round robin style workshop. so everyone will get a chance to weave on multiple looms.  The SHARE workshop is an outstanding opportunity to weave on many different looms in different pattern designs and fibers.

On Saturday morning we will also warp a loom, so folks get the opportunity to see what that is all about.

As a thanks to the library, we are asking for participants, if possible, to give a donation of $10.00 to the library.  We welcome walk-ins from the public to observe the weavers and try their hand at weaving.

Please note the location of the workshop is different than last year.  We are on the second floor, but there is an elevator.

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