Weaving Jokes

Q:  Why is a front to back warper a better spy than a back to front warper?
A:  She doesn’t raddle.

Q:  Why are weavers good story tellers?
A:  They have a lot of yarns.

Q: What do you call nuns who are spinners?
A: Twisted sisters.

Q: Why did the spinner get to the CHT conference so fast?
A: She was drafting a semi-truck.

Q: Why did the comedy segment at CHT fail?
A: The host dyed.

Q: How did the weaver feel when her cow ate her warp?
A: She was udderly beweft.

Q: Why do we all belong to WSSA?
A: Because we can spin a good yarn.

Q:  A spinner and a weaver were both driving home during rush hour.  Who got home first?
A:  The weaver, of course.

Q:  A rigid heddle weaver and a floor loom weaver were both going to CHT.  The rigid heddle weaver was slower.  Why did she get there first?
A:  Because the floor loom weaver overshot the exit.

Q:  What happened when the weaver didn’t get up in time for her CHT class?
A:  Her shuttle went without her.

Q: What do some wool rovings and nuns have in common.
A: They haven’t been felted.

Q: What happened to the recycled yarn students after their class?
A: They came unraveled.

Q: How many spinners does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: Only one but she has to have a drive band.

Q: What do weavers and spinners have that felters don’t?
A: Tension

Q: What do you call an over-the-top-presentation at CHT?
A: A dog and pawl show.

Q: Why would a spinner trade in her Majacraft spinning wheel?
A: To upgrade to one with a Bradley Cooper footman.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Distaff who?
Distaff worked really hard on CHT

Did you hear about the weaver seeking selvage(tion) who was draw-in to a temple? It turned out to be a shed so she started fulling around.