AVL loom, Technical Dobby for Sale –SOLD

A former member has generously donated this loom for sale as a fundraiser for the Guild:

60 inch weaving width 1993 model
1997 air assist added


– Automatic take-up with super fine picks/inch.90-120 PPI
– Air Assist. Hoses plumb to the outside of the working room.
– Flyshuttle
– 2 pedals. One raises the shafts, and the other operates the flyshuttle.
– 2 back beams
– Sectional warping
– The race at the back holds the tension box.
– Selvage rollers attach to the back and position themselves into the track. – Fireside selvage rollers
– Tex-solv heddles
– CompuDobby 1 – computer controller
– Dell PC with WeavePoint software
– Cloth storage system
– 2 box overhead flysuttle beaters
– 1⁄2 and 1 yard section beams
– Auto advance
– Bench
– Stainless steel reeds- 6,10,12 and 15

Price: $5,000
Seller will cover $400 in shipping costs.

Loom disassembled and ready to ship.

For more information email at AVL@wssaustin.org