Programs in April 2015

Shepherdsrug_etsyApril 9 Program Night and April 23rd Hands-on Night

Did you know we have an amazing custom rug weaver and shop right here in Texas? Reinhard Schoffthaler rugs are made of natural fiber, raw wool or llama fleeces and are produced using early 20th Century carders, hand made looms and shuttles. Learn all about this shop and his techniques from Sharon Bramblett, who has been on multiple tours and even set up a website for his business.  The meeting is held at NorthWest Recreation Center, it starts at 6:30 with 30 minutes of social time, and we wrap it up by 8:45.

 As a follow up, at the April 23rd Hands on Project Night, we will learn the technique of braiding rugs from wool roving using the book The Shepherd’s Rug by Letty Klein and Ann Brown. Hands-on Nights are held at the Austin Recreation Center from 7-9 PM.

Maps to both locations can be found HERE.

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