Master Weavers Study Group

Presentations from the study group are HERE

Most meetings are held third Thursday of each month at Old Quarry Library, 1:00-2:30 pm.
FEBRUARY 15, 2018 MEETING: At Mickey’s, 2802 Benbrook Dr.

Date Master Weaver Presenter
10/19/17 Anni Albers Inga Marie Carmel
11/16/17 Paul R. O’Conner Bob Bateman
12/21/17 Dr. William Bateman Meg Wilson
1/18/18 Harriet Tidball Susan Fricks
2/15/18 Mary Atwater Liz Arthur and Bethany Hebbard
3/15/18 Else Regensteiner Becky Johnson
4/19/18 Peter Collingwood Barbara Larson
5/17/18 Theo Moorman Eileen Thompson
6/21/18 Verda Elliott Jayne Black
7/19/18 Iona Plath Fran Gale
8/16/18 Ethel Stein Mickey Stam
9/20/18 Dy Begay Aimee Kandl
10/18/18 Olga de Amaral Pam Tajmajer
11/15/18 Rachel Brown Sandy Curtis
12/20/18 Misao Jo Sidne Tiemann
1/17/19 Evelyn Ackerman Mary Macauley
2/17/19 Noel Bennett Melinda Estelle

The Study Group will be presenting works inspired by the Master Weavers at the WEST Austin Studio Tour in May 2018 and 2019.   Each piece will be accompanied by an image and short biography of the Master Weaver, along with an artist statement by the guild member. The exhibit curator will create the exhibit labels using the information you provide.

Master Weaver information should include the following:
Birth and death years
Place of birth
Influences, such as their teachers, art background, cultural background, friends
Most important contributions to weaving community, including publications
Image of Master Weaver’s work information should include the following:
Year Created
Structure, materials, if known

Your work’s information should include the following:
Title of Work
Year created
Structure, materials
How did the Master Weaver’s work or life inspire your piece?
Any other information you would like to add about your intention or inspiration