Learn & Create

WSSA offers many educational opportunities for rank beginners as well as experienced fiber artists.  Our Mission Statement states that the purpose of our organization is:

  • to bring together persons to serve, advance, teach and make available to individual artisans and to the public generally, the arts, crafts, techniques, materials, and processes for spinning, dyeing, weaving, and related arts;
  • to develop, foster, and maintain a high appreciation of the objectives, responsibilities and artistic contributions made by spinners, dyers, and weavers to civilization and to the public and to serve the best interest of the public through activities which support this continuing contribution; and
  • to promote, teach, and maintain high standards of the arts and crafts among textile artists.

Study Groups  offer a chance to deepen our knowledge, learn from each other and to share our skills. These typically meet monthly for several months, and are lead by a Guild member.

It’s fun to see how we all create different things with the same point of inspiration, and that is what we explore in our Design Challenges.

Several times a year WSSA brings in a nationally known instructor for a weekend Workshop.  These may be held in Austin at a member’s home or at a retreat center outside of Austin.

WSSA members are also available for Demonstrations, in such diverse places as schools and festivals.  Our members have demonstrated at many local events, such as the Maker Faire and the Austin Bamboo Festival