January 8th and 22nd, 2015 Meetings

1665.cardloom.jpg-250x0Our January 8th Program Meeting at NorthWest Recreation Center will feature a presentation by Meg Wilson of the Scarf Exchange for the  CHT Conference in June. The challenge has been issued to create a scarf!  Not just any old “off the shelf” scarf,
 but a fabulous one-of-a-kind, innovative and enviable piece of art.  Your challenge is to use some of the new fibers such as Makeup, Raffia, Film, Ciniglione, Horsehair, Paper loops, Tropico, Hemp, Bamboo.

Also, in preparation for our upcoming Hands-on Night on cardweaving,  we will explore the background of cardweaving and learn more about those fabulous woven bands that can be made using just colored yarn and simple cardboard squares. The Program meeting starts at 6:30.   The Hands-on Meeting will be on January 22nd, at Austin Rec Center as usual, starting at 7PM.