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Program Night July 9, 2015

Doubleweave Study Group Presentation

SquaresYou’d have to be nuts to miss the July 9th meeting at NorthWest Recreation Center.

Its an event that won’t happen again for a very long time. The asylum administrators have acquiesced and are opening the gates to visitors. Yes, the inmates of the double weave study group have spent this past year insanely pressing forward in a maddening effort to understand the intricacies of this weave structure. And now you will have the opportunity to mingle with them! (sharp objects and loud noises prohibited). For some, the therapy sessions have produced  surprising results which they invite you to see and discuss with them.

Please do come as they are excited to show you amazing examples of double weave. AND you’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about this weave structure so you too can become a crazy person.  Whoo! Hoo! Whee!

Be aware you’re responsible for their emotional health on Thursday night. You wouldn’t want them to break down if you’re not there to mingle with them, now would you?

The meeting starts at 6:30 with social time, our programs usually start around 7 and we pack up to leave around 8:45.

Picture: Eileen Thompson’s  Silk Squared scarf,  1st place for Wearable Accessories, Contemporary Handweaver’s of Texas 2015 conference

Webb Notebooks Study Group: James L. A. Webb’s Weaving Records and Samples, 1977 – 2008

Study Group Leader,  Virginia Smith

What textile arts were you delving into in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and into the 2000s?  Take a journey with us through those years with Professor Webb.  WSSA received his weaving records and samples covering 1977 through 2008 as a gift of his estate.  Marie Hauff sorted them, then Ming Chu, Libby Smith, and Virginia Smith organized them chronologically into ten large binders which have been entered into WSSA’s online library database, ready for check-out by study group members.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013 Creative Materials Study Group

The You Wove With What? study group will meet this Thursday at Eileen’s house. Eileen will be presenting about weaving and spinning dog hair!  WOOF!

Thursday February 14, 2013 Program Night

Where’s the POP?  Study Group

The ‘Where’s the Pop?’ study group will present what they learned about using basic design elements to make our work stand out on the runway, in a gallery, and in our homes. They will also be sharing what they made with the James A. Webb yarns.

Japanese balloon artist Rie Hosokai uses latex balloons to create unique dresses that can only be worn 24 hours before they deflate and change color in hot weather. from

Creative Materials Study Group, 2013

You Wove


Spun with WHAT?

Feathers? VCR tape? Paper? Wool Rovings? Grasses?

Led by Pam James

VCR tape clutch

VCR tape clutch by Pam James

Each month a different group member will share their results from using an experimental ‘yarn’. Others will be encouraged to try their hand with the same ‘yarn’ perhaps with totally different results.

Suggested format:

Unrelated show and tell (any weaving, knitting, spinning related item)
Related sow and tell (any weaving, knitting, spinning related item of unusual materials)
Presentation by the scheduled weaver of the weaving ‘Material of the Month’

Third Thursday of the month 1:30 PM, starting January 17, 2013

To reserve your space, for location info and question email

Piano Keys

Piano Keys table runner by Pam James


Straw Monk’s Belt by Inga Marie Carmel


Woven metal bracelet by Inga Marie Carmel

Where’s the Pop? Study Group, 2012

Lead by Mickey Stam

The Where’s the Pop? Study Group provides an opportunity for participants to explore the elements that make fiber art stand out whether on the runway, in a gallery, or in the home.  Depending upon the number of participants, each person will lead at least one meeting, exploring various aspects of design, such as contrast, texture, color, and how measured use can bring a piece from ho-hum to outstanding.  We will also look at the times pop leads to noise and confusion.

The group will use the James L.A. Webb sample books as a jumping off point for some of the analysis.  In addition, his yarns will be available for members’ study group projects.

Handouts and other materials from the study group can be found HERE.

Monthly Meeting Dates and Time: third Thursday of each month in 2012
Location: Mickey’s house in North Central Austin

Proposed Schedule
January  Organizational meeting
February  Overview of Design Elements–Mickey
March  Color
April  Value
May  Size
June  Texture
July  Shape
September  Convergence July 15-21 Review
October  National Spinning and Weaving Week events review
November  Individual Projects Wrap up
December Study Group Review

This group will be closed to new membership after the second meeting, since it has a progressive structure.

Leading a meeting provides the opportunity for you to research an area of design where you might feel the weakest.  By developing an informal lesson, handout, and fun exercises, you will learn the most about a topic. If you are interested in the study group, but are not truly up for leading, exceptions can be made.

Color in Spinning Study Group, Fall 2011- Spring 2012

Lead by Aimee Kandl

We discussed color theory and Becky Johnson showed us her hand-dyed cotton jump ropes at our first meeting in October. During the second meeting, we learned how to use soup cans placed in a larger pot of water to dye small amounts of fiber for samples. The December meeting featured a display of gorgeous churro wool from Marie Walker’s sheep, some of which she dyed that evening. Joanna Slimmer demonstrated her immersion dyeing technique for richly-colored rovings and silk hankies. We had three wheels to sample and discussed the advantages of each.

In 2012, we’ll be delving deeper into the color theory and technical information in our text, Color in Spinning by Deb Menz. Copies of the book are in the guild library as well as the Austin Public Library. We meet in south central Austin, from 7-9 pm. Please join us! Feel free to drop on a single meeting if the topic looks interesting to you.

An exciting project for us in the new year dyeing and spinning some silk roving donated to the guild. We’ll be offering it back to the weavers so that they can create items for the fashion show.


January 10: Color theory, Chapter 1. Complete 3 or more of the exercises on pages 48-50 and bring them to the meeting to discuss. Many of the exercises use ordinary art supplies, or even swatches clipped from magazines.

February 7: Painting Rovings for multicolored yarns, Chapter 3: Complete 1 or more of the roving series exercises on page 109, and one of the exercises on page 110. Bring samples of your intact roving as well as your finished yarn.

March 6: Blending colors and fibers with a drum carder, Chapter 4. We experimented with three different carders and tried not to make “mud”.

April 10: Drum Carding for Multicolored yarns, Chapter 5. Assignment:  Bring colored wool or rovings to blend and swap.

This study group’s Ravelry page is here.