Cardweaving info for Hands-on Night Jan 23, 2015

From Irene:

Hands-on night this month focuses on card weaving , and I promised to send out some instructions for warping the cards so that anyone who wants can warp some cards before the meeting. These are the instructions that I wrote for a Math and Art class at Southwestern University that I presented to, so they are written for non-weavers.

The draft I include on page 2 is the left half of the band I was weaving at the program meeting, and the right half is a mirror image of the left. This means that threading for the right half direction is reversed as well as the color. In preparation for the meeting, you will need to warp 12 cards. Using 5/2 cotton or something comparable, cut 40 1.5 yard lengths of a light color and 8 1.5 yard lengths of a dark color. Then warp according to the instructions. Remember that the draft shown is only the left half of the pattern!

If you would like to do a different pattern, I would advise choosing one where all the cards are always turned together, as opposed to one that requires different turning sequences for different cards. However, I think it would be fun if everybody follows the same draft, so we can see how much possible variation there is for a single draft.

It is best if you can bring already warped cards to hands-on night, but if for any reason you don’t get around to it, we will have warping materials on hand as well.

Card weaving instructions