Paper Weaving
Art Piece that can be given as a gift.

Weave Structure: Plain weave.
Equipment: Any loom but tapestry. e.g. Rigid heddle or 2 to 4+ shaft loom. Any size dent reed but large enough to accommodate the size of yarn used for the warp thread. Stick or boat shuttle. Scissors, note taking material.
Yarns:  Warp - None stretchy yarn. Other than that, the yarn you choose can be just about anything, however you will want to choose a yarn that compliments the style of paper you are using for your art piece. e.g. Dainty, earthy, slick or shinny, etc. For this demo, pick what you like in color and style and choose a paper at the meeting  to go with it.  I will bring in several styles of paper. The unknown will make it more exciting and spontaneous.
Weft - We will be using the same thread for the weft that we have chosen for the warp to help with continuity. Wind on stick shuttle or bobbin and/or bring enough yarn to weave approx. 10" in plain weave.
Warp Length and Order :  Warp length - 1 and 1/2 yds. includes take-up and loom waste. Thread 1 inch worth then skip 1 inch, alternating and ending with 1 inch threaded (15" across in reed). If your loom is less than 15" wide, thread it as wide as it will go, starting and ending with 1"inch threaded. We will cut down your paper size and it will work out just fine.
Ends needed - 3 e.p.i. x 8 threaded inches = 24 ends, 4 e.p.i. x 8" = 32 ends, 5 e.p.i. x 8" = 40 ends. Use the e.p.i. that best suits the reed you are using. e.g. 3 e.p.i. for using 6 dent (thread every other dent), 12 dent (thread 1,0,0,). 4 e.p.i. - 8 dent, 5 e.p.i. - 10 or 15 dent. Just make sure if using a larger thread you use a reed to accommodate it.
Finished Dimension: Approx. 17 1/2" X 22".
Notes: Bring loom threaded with approx. 1/2" to 1" already woven in plain weave. Allow 5 to 6 inches waste before weaving for fringe.
Supply Fee: $5

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