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2010-2011 programs, study groups and projects

Color Study Group - August 2008

color gampOur color study group begins with lessons on how to warp a loom. Come to Meg Wilson's house on Thursday, August 14th at 7:00pm. We will warp at least 3 guild looms using different warping methods, putting on different color study warps. What we don't get done on that Thursday, we will finish up on Saturday August 16 from 1-4 and August 23 from 1-4 if necessary. Everyone gets to weave a dish towel on one of the smaller table looms.

Weaving Study Group 2006

Learn to weave huck lace on an eight harness table loom. Warp length is based on the number of participating weavers. After all have woven their towel-length designs, the weaving will be removed and the individual towels cut apart. Eileen Thompson is group leader. See us warp the loom!


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