WSSA's Llama Mama Participants at 2008 Kid n Ewe and Lamas Too

Llama Mamas spinning team

Members of the Llama Mama Fiber to Fashion team are also members of WSSA (with the exception of Annabell's mother, Margaret, who was an invited guest spinner). Eileen spun with Margaret, Annabell, Sharon, Carol, and Penny until there were enough singles for Carol to ply. Then Eileen began weaving on the llama warp that she had previously dyed peacock-inspired blues, greens, and red-browns. The weft we spun was all light blue dyed from the same llama fleece, Majic (Sharon's mini llama).

The L-shawl was a unique design Eileen had seen in a weaving magazine. Weave the first piece of the L, wind forward about 36 inches and cut that part off. Then weave another section the same length as the first piece. Weave the warp tails in one by one to become weft. That creates the v (the turn of the L).

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spinners Margaret and Annabell Eileen weaving the shawl Annabell holding first half of shawl close-up of weaving Eileen and Carol display the shawl
Llama Mama team holds finished shawl