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Gika Rector, artist in residence at the Houston Museum of Contemporary Crafts, presented a workshop/seminar on felting on a ball to WSSA members on Saturday, March 13, 2004. She provided merino batts (from which we could chose our colors) and embellishment fibers, then let us run with our own designs. Briefly, the process involved putting a light coat of liquid soap on the ball; covering the ball with three layers of wispy fiber (first layer top to bottom, second layer around the ball at right angles to the first layer, third layer same as first); stretching three pantyhose over the fiber-covered ball; adding more soap and thoroughly wetting the fiber; bouncing the ball abaout 100 times; carefully removing pantyhose and peeling the soft felt off the ball; and fulling the felt on a washboard until it is the desired size. Gika provided handouts: Having Fun with Making Felt, Reading about Felting, and Felting Source List.

balls on bowls hold them steady  mohair fiber on balls

adding embellishments  layering fiber on balls

layering fiber on balls  stretching pantyhose over fiber

fulling hat on the washboard  adding more fiber and embellishments

wearing our new hats

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