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Austin Science Fun Day was held at the Texas Memorial Museum on the UT Austin campus Sat Mar 6, part of UT's big open house, ExploreUT. Claud and I brought four of our llamas to be shown, fed, and petted by the public from 11-5. Claud doled out Muenster pellets and cut carrots to children to feed the llamas. We set up a South Central Llama Association table, just outside the pen, that was manned (girled?) by some volunteers. Connie Creed and Lisa Charbonnet, WSSA members, spun llama fiber to the delight of visitors. At 2:00 Karen Conyngham gave a 15 min stage presentation on llama biology, I spoke for 5 min about llama fiber, and Connie demonstrated the spinning wheel on stage during our talks. Jim Conyngham was the llama wrangler, keeping kids away from Warpaint while I led him around the stage as Karen was talking. (submitted by Sharon Bramblett, WSSA member)

Lisa spins on her Lendrum spinning wheel.

Glacier gently takes pellets from a little girl.


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