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WSSA's Fiber Panel Presentation 2008

Mar 13 - Pam Murfin (Angora goats), Sharon Bramblett (llamas)

April 24 - CJ Creamer (rabbits), Sue Ellen Stavrand (alpacas)

Pam Murfin Pam

Caleb and Valentino Angora goats from Kai Ranch

Male Angora goats, Calleb and Valentino
(image courtesy of Lisa Shell, Kai Ranch)

Sharon shears Kimmie llama.

Sharon shears Kimmie llama. Right: Kimmie and Majic help Sharon skirt a black llama fleece. Shadow cat looks on. See Mesquite Bean Llamas.

Sharon skirting llama fiber with help from llamas and cat.

CJ spins rabbit fiber on a Babe spinning wheel


rabbit, yarn, and spinning wheel

CJ plucks fiber from a bunny when it is time for it to shed and spins it on her Babe spinning wheel to make a fine yarn.

Sue Ellen and her huck lace

Sue Ellen is owner of The Old Oaks Ranch, a fiber center and alpaca ranch.

Sue Ellen's Oakley alpaca

Oakley and some of his alpaca brothers.