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WSSA welcomes all fiber enthusiasts, be they weavers, spinners, felters, dyers, or basketmakers.

We meet the second and fourth Thursday each month.

The second Thursday is our Program meeting and takes place at the Northwest Recreation Center 2913 Northland Drive in Austin.  We start at 6:30 PM with social time and show and tell, followed at 7 with a short business meeting and a program. Our program usually has a speaker, but sometimes it is a hands-on program, and is about a hour long.

The fourth Thursday is a Project meeting and takes place at the Austin Recreation Center 1301 Shoal Creek Blvd.  Members gather starting at 7 PM  to weave, spin, knit, or work on other fiber-related projects. It is a perfect venue for beginners to gather tips and techniques

There are no meetings in August, and no Project Nights in November and December.


Thursday April 10, 2014 : Ravenstail weaving


WSSA Life Member Sharon Bramblett will show us the video that WSSA purchased in memory of Pam Pate on Ravenstail weaving. You might want to do a little research on your own so you know what supplies to use for trying out this intriguing Native American craft.  The meeting will start at 6:30 at the Northwest Rec Center.

Sharon has made samples to share with us on April 28th for project night at the ARC.

From the University of Alaska Southeast:
Ravenstail Weaving is an ancient style of twining that creates dramatic geometric patterns in black and white with splashes of yellow highlights. This design forces your eyes to dance across the designs.
This style of twining was done along the northwest coast of Alaska until the late 1700s when it evolved into Chilkat Weaving and that “form line” style of weaving began to flourish. Ravenstail Weaving “slept” for almost 200 years until its revival by Cheryl Samuel in the 1980s when she published her book, “The Raven’s Tail” and began teaching.
Only 15 examples of this style of weaving survived; some mere scraps of robes, some complete robes that were spread across the world in museums and addition to three sketches by early explorers. One sketch shows a robe on Chief Kotlean of Sitka, one on “Aichunk”, an Aliut Chief, and there is a picture of Chief Peter Ni.sy,qt, Tsimshian wearing a Ravenstail Robe. From this, we know these beautiful Ravenstail were prized all along Alaska’s coast, but we know little about the weavers.
What we do know about the weavers is that they were immensely talented, not only with their hands but with their eyes, and minds, their memories and imaginations, and their sense of design and balance.

Photo: John Beard demonstrates Ravenstail weaving
Photo: by Jaime Valdez


Spring Programs: Twills, Ravenstail, Bandweaving

Flame Shawl

Thursday March 13, 2014  Meg Wilson is planning a program on twills for the meeting  at Northwest Rec Center.  She is an extraordinary complex weaver with lots of experience. Our project night on Thursday March 27th at the ARC will be a great time to test out your twills and try something new.

Thursday April 10  at the Northwest Rec Center Sharon Bramblett will show us the video that WSSA purchased in memory of Pam Pate on Ravenstail. She has made samples to share with us on April 28th for project night at the ARC. You might want to do a little research on your own so you know what supplies to use for trying out this intriguing Native American craft.

Thursday May 8 at the Northwest Rec Center meeting we will concentrate on band weaving. It would be cool to see ALL your samples. Hopefully we will have enough to go all the way around the room and do a members show and tell. With all the inspiration created the project night on May 22 at the ARC will be a fun learning experience, and you will have something to work on during the summer.

Renegade, Maker Faire, WEST, Oh my!

RenegadeWe’re delighted to be invited to participate in Renegade Craft Fair: SXSW Edition. We will be demoing and you can sign up to weave on our black rock ‘n’ roll warp!

Thurs. – Sat, March 13 – 15
Palmer Events Center



Maker Faire logo

Maker Faire is always a good time and a celebration of the DIY spirit.  This will be our 5th, come by and learn to weave or spin.

Saturday, May 3, 2014
10:00am – 6:00pm
The Travis County Expo Center
7311 Decker Lane, Austin, TX 78724.


WEST logo


Our pop-up gallery is back as part of the 3rd West Austin Studio Tour!  WEST is a free, self-guided tour.  We will have vendors and demos. Stay tuned for more details and a list of vendors.

February Guild Meetings

heartsThis is turning out to be a busy and fun month.

Our programs are at the usual times and places but the content is reversed.

Thursday February 13  We will meet at the Northwest Rec Center for Project Night  and  have three stations of woven and braided hearts to make for valentines day. Bring a scissors and put your wildest craftsy hat on for creative inspiration.

Thursday February 27 We will meet at the Austin Rec Center for a program on “Spinning for Color” with Susan Fricks from Yarnorama in Paige, Texas.

The following day, Friday, February 28th, Susan will have a workshop on this same theme at her shop in Paige. We can load up a couple of cars and make the trip together. Registration for that workshop can be found HERE

Workshops this spring

We have three workshops to look forward to this spring, registration for all can be found HERE

EasterYarnFebruary 28 Spinning for Color with Susan Fricks
This workshop will he held at Yarnorama in Paige, TX.  Explore various ways to spin hand-dyed tops to create different color effects, along with prep and plying techniques designed to maintain the beautiful colors found in those tops and avoid the muddiness that can occur.


10x10 tile for collaboration installationApril 2, 9 Weaving Designs & Images into Handwoven Cloth with Sandra Doak
Weaving these hand manipulated techniques into the weft is easy and suitable for both beginning and experienced weavers. Best of all, you can use these techniques with any type of loom, plain weave or patterns.


LaverneMay 17, 18 Complementary Warp Pick-up with Laverne Waddington
We’re delighted to welcome Laverne back for her 3rd year here. This time we will look further into complementary-warp pick-up weaving. Pebble weave is just one structure that fits into this category. Complementary-warp weaving basically means that you are producing a band with two good faces as you do with pebble weave.

Weavers and Spinners Society of Austin

January 24, 2014

January 24 workshop is cancelled

Due to road conditions we regretfully have cancelled today’s session of the WWWshare.     The ice should all be gone by tomorrow, so we will start promptly at 10 a.m. at Laura’s Library with the round robin.    Come to the glass doors that lead directly into the gathering room – they may be locked, but we can open them from the inside.     Please try to have your loom warped ready for the round robin – if you have problems warping you can call Marie or me and we will try to talk you through it.    Or you can take your loom to Marie’s house for help.  You can reach us at wssaustin.org@gmail.com.

Weavers and Spinners Society of Austin

January 23, 2014


January 23, 2014 — Tonight’s meeting is canceled due to the winter weather. Bring your viking chain knitting to the next meeting or to our workshop this weekend.